A Journal Of The Dark Arts

What’s a Forestpunk?

Not everybody who digs nature is a flowy, goddess-worshipping neo-pagan. Not everybody dresses in all white. Not everybody is into chanting in public. This is for the rest of us…

There’s a lot of folks out there, i am discovering, who worship nature, and view it as a vital, direct source to the Sacred, to their own selves, their animal natures: black metal warriors, shamans, ecoterrorists, anarchists, cosmonauts. So many different kinds of people (maybe all of them) reap positive changes in their lives by being in nature, in tune with it, listening to it, respecting it. Being outside, out of the box, just sort of smooths the rough edges. But a lot of folks out there have pre-convceived notions about hippy new age or spiritual cultures, that they view as escapist, or hedonistic, or just plain ridiculous! But these people still care about the earth, want to be outdoors, want to eat well, want to have a community.

I come across many different walks of life; different strokes, and different folks. I speak a number of different jargons, so i’m not as turned off or as afraid, so i’m here to speak as guide and translator. I’m going to focus more on people who are wild and driven, bringing the wild back into the civilized world. Less lackluster, more brilliance!

This spot is an umbrella that will feature many different aspects and nuances of natural living. I’m planning on doing an actual print ‘zine, which is already under works, and to feature music, and artwork from friends and collaborators. Its called Forest Punk, but its really about thriving in the margins, getting strong and wild in the forests, in the city parks, in the library. Its about people who want to build a better society, a new society, and some creative problem solving towards that goal. Its about building community, about realizing that we’re not alone in this web of life. I have found this un-alienation super inspiring, and have found the openness of the outdoors, mingled with the openness of the people i have met along the way, life-changing to say the least.

Prepare to read articles about music, occultism, herbology, survivalism, events, DIY stuff, and whatever else you might think of! I encourage you to chime in yr voices. This is about getting together, even if its virtually. I am no expert, or spokesman, this is about putting our heads together, and figuring things out. We all need each other’s help.


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