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Nils Frahm @ Classic Piano

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  As the pace of modern life and culture increasingly gain momentum, accelerating past the speed of thought or comprehension, it becomes mandatory to slow one’s self, to quiet one’s life and mind. To slow down and APPRECIATE music and life.
With Screws (available via Erased Tapes), Berlin-based pianist and composer Nils Frahm was forced to slow down, after he broke his thumb. Rather than withering and quitting, or turning his attention to jaw harp or foot organ, Nils wrote 9 songs for 9 fingers. The music is reflective, reminiscent, intellectual yet highly emotional. It bears the stripped-down efficacy of Erik Satie at a slow-crawl. It sounds like a memory of Parisian love.

It is refreshing to hear something classic, timeless. We are leap-frogging beyond a world of micro-genres and increasing isolation, into a calm center where all is possible. This is not microhouse or IDM – i hesitate…

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