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What’s He Doing In There?

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Journalism’s a funny thing. Its incredibly time-sensitive (if a story does not run within 24 hours of the event, no one cares); it feigns objectivity (just the FACTS, ma’am), and forbids self-promotion or bias, while simultaneously filling the needs of its advertisers and share holders. This leaves one in a funky state, if you care about something and care to talk about it. You may end up being labelled as ‘just another blogger’ which is another way of saying ‘just another asshole with an opinion’.

Sadly, it seems the golden age of the music blogs is in decline. There was this mad goldrush mentality of uploading, sharing, competing. We were all adamant of archiving every shred of culture. Now, mediafire accounts go down like straw houses, and everyone, myself included, are renegotiating the way that we relate to art, culture, and technology.

Part of why i started FORESTPUNK was feeling like an outsider, on the margins. To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, “It takes a strange fish to realize he’s swimming in water.” You can’t be entirely IN a society and see it clearly. Not to say that i do, but there’s certain trends that i have been either ahead of or behind, and has made my perception of REALITY 2.0  a unique, and hopefully, a useful one.

This is where i hope to spread my appreciation of art and culture, philosophy and idealism. I make no pretense towards objectivity; i like what i like, and i have started this place as a corner to be myself, and to write about what i care about.

For starters, i am feeling pulled in a couple of main directions:

  1. thoughts/feelings on new music, as well as some classics. This is my main drive in life, apart from writing and recording music of my own, as its my attempt at contributing back towards the community. Album reviews, free downloads, fresh mixes.
  2. Philosophy. Thoughts & intuitions raised from prolonged exposure to media and culture. Life is trippy in 2012.
  3. FORESTPUNK’s guide to Portland: Portland is where i live, and is largely responsible for helping my dreams to come true, and possibly catapulting me towards enlightenment, along the way. I will give heads-up on worthy performances, reviews, and info on noteworthy bands (most of whom i am probably friends with).
  4. Alternative economics: We’re all tired of working for bloodsucking corporate freaks, and need a way out. I know a bunch of creative people, many of whom make and sell things. Trawling eBay, etsy, craigslist, for all yr needs. Know a worthy crafts(wo)man? Let me know. I’m trying to get less poor, myself, so i can buy sweet handmade shit.

The discouragement of downloading albums off of blogs has made it impossible (or irrelevant) to feature new music, without going down the official journalistic channels, which makes me feel like i drowning in bile. Here’s the thing, as pointed as i can be. People don’t want you to download shit for free off the internet (although we all do). If something is obscure enough, they won’t really fuck with you too much, but companies patrol for links to the newest and hottest albums, which means that if i care to talk about the newest Oneohtrix Point Never record, i can only safely write about it. To follow the traditional album reviewing guidelines, and try to objectively state how good a piece of music is, while trying to subtly underplay yr own bias, doesn’t seem like the best way, to me. Readers will most likely turn to the major channels, i.e. Pitchfork and Tiny Mix Tapes, for that kind of thing, but any form of autobiography is pretty much verboten in the world of traditional journalism. I have never found an entirely effective method of expressing enthusiasm or inspiring passion about music or culture, without explaining why i am passionate about this or that thing. Probably cuz i’m not a very good writer.

I am, however, wildly enthusiastic about music, art, and life. Chasing down these game trails of perfect drones and sublime harmonies, have literally propelled me to the top of the world. The blues have left me impoverished and deranged, and heavy metal helps me find work. I am like a musical cyborg, at this point; more like a wide-eyed mutant, really. Its gotten into my bones, my DNA. Chasing the perfect focus, the right intonation, the right amount of free time to wander around in the gardens of my mind… it all comes back to what i am trying to do here at FORESTPUNK. Its my way of trying to be helpful, and to be helped in the process.

There’s 150 articles that exist in my mind. I hope to write them all down. Please feel free to let me know what you think, along the way.


2 comments on “What’s He Doing In There?

  1. ijwilson
    May 15, 2016

    Original voice, fresh ideas, new metaphors, and an honest perception of the times we live in — all the hallmarks of a good writer in my book.

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