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Flying Saucer Attack – New Lands (Drag City, 1997)

first record review i ever wrote, back in 2001:

Swirling guitar tones, anyone? FSA takes elements of traditional shoegazing and turns it into stargazing. This 1997 release from Dave Pearce, who is essentially the now defunct Flying Saucer Attack, captures him at his dreamy, psychedlic peak, burying you in otherworldly splendour. Inhabiting the post-My Bloody Valentine universe, New Lands features shredding take-off guitars that are more like a saucer landing than the opium fog of their peers.

The wordless introduction of “Past” leads into “Present” where it touches down on the weightless planet. “Up In Her Eyes” shows the alien organic technology, noisy as you please. All the while Pearce’s vocals float along as distant as a constellation. “Respect” (which actually means respect for My Bloody Valentine), “Night Falls”, and “Whole Day Song” coats you in miasma. “The Sea” leaves you waking up on the beach after your abduction. The last song,  “Forever”, shows the saucer floating back off into space. A lovely chill-out album, a spacey dream, and a vision from Dave Pearce at his best.
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