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NEW ALBUM REVIEW: Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games (Ghost Box, 2012)

Here’s a review that i wrote for the newest Ghost Box release, the new album from The Head Technician, the main motivating force behind Pye Corner Audio Transcriptions Services. I’ve been following his decaying electronica since he started releasing it for free on Bandcamp, and the quality was there from the beginning. Its fucking rad to see his vision become more realized, more of a full world, which is totally in line with Ghost Box’s alternate reality. Its a match made in purgatory…

Ghost Box’s revisionist history is totally in line with the philosophy of Forestpunk… we don’t want to fight, and we don’t want to compromise. We want to build our own fucking world, and stay there, and the forces of mediocrity and the status quo can fuck off and leave us be. They don’t want what we’re offering, and we don’t want what they have. We want magick, passion, mystery and possibility. Jim Jupp and Julian House had a clear image of the world that they wanted to create, a world of blurry 70s children’s television, 60s witchy paperback, 50s exotica, and 70s robofunk. With the clarity of vision, and the technical and graphical abilities to pull it off, they have been doing something really special; creating a world and pulling people in. The attention to the graphic design, the way that their records are distributed, even their cinema verite press releases and live events, work towards this goal. They attract kindred spirits, and their weird utopia seems to be catching on, branching out.
This obsessive level of detail deserves to be repaid in full, and was one of the main influences on the 66.6 series. They are pouring hours and months and years into their art, possibly at a profit loss even, and it deserves the same attention and respect. Through them, i ended up following the rabbit hole through weird British psychodramas like The Owl Service and creepy PSAs like this. Ended up finding out about fantastic magicians like Nigel Kneale and Algernon Blackwood, and my world has become much weirder and richer because of it. I’ve reviewed several Ghost Box records, over the years, and plan on getting the rest in the 66.6 series.

Pye Corner Audio



Ghost Box

also, in the spirit of obsessiveness, here’s some links to two fantastic new mixes from The Head Technician:

via Self-Titled Magazine

via the exquisite 20jazzfunkgreats:

a magnetically ferrous mixtape

find it on AMAZON:

 Sleep Games

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