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new album review: Grunt – Someone Is Watching (Force Majeure, 2012)

Its cool to see underground, scene-only releases getting re-issued and re-evaluated. For most of its blighted life, Noise records were esoteric secrets, sold out of pulp paper magazines, at shows, out of basements and the boots of cars. Commercial pressures were irrelevant – no one was going to hear it, and no one was going to care. Its pure art, pure catharsis, pure release. Mikka Apsa, with his Freak Animal imprint, has released boatloads of gnarly crunchy noise, over the span of almost 20 years, and ‘Someone Is Watching’ is a chance to hear what the freaks were up to, before the simulacrum took over.
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and read an interview with Mikko Aspa, via Tiny Mix Tapes

freak animal


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