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Cut Hands – Black Mamba (Susan Lawly, 2012)

Cut Hands African ritual is the height of complexity, its like trying to count a snowstorm. The rational mind goes to sleep, overwhelmed, allowing for something beautiful and ancient to transpire. This version of ‘Black Mamba’ is a slight variation on the vinyl edition, released earlier in the year, and answers yet another question; yes, you do need to buy every Cut Hands release.


Find it on AMAZON: Black Mamba

In the process of reviewing the new Cut Hands record, i became obsessed with William Bennett’s african polyrhythms, the ecstatic post-industrial voodoo. It opens up the third eye, the age-old ritual, something comes through. Its legitimate ceremony, taken to funky nightclubs and art galleries. It seemed important, magickal, and i had to know more and more…

I came across a bunch of interesting bric-a-brac along the way, which i am posting here, to accompany the album review that i wrote; Lots of cool interviews, mixes, a guest lecture about record collecting. African ritual drumming, and voodoo, and noise, all have a rich history, and are worthy of investigation. Its not really in fashion to champion ‘experts’ in this culture of the next biggest, flashiest thing, but people who have spent 30 years investigating tones and their effect on the nervous system, and the best ways to utilize some of these techniques. Hard science is too slow and stuck in the mud to bE of much use in these quickly evolving times, so its up to the avant-garde to explore the grey zones. People like William Bennett, Merzbow, the Wolf Eyes crew, all these bizarre fuckers that have put out truckloads of albums, are psycho-acoustic sorcerers and scientists, and much wisdom and experience can be gleaned from looking at their words and works.

other sources

attn magazine interview

the quietus (EXCELLENT interview)

extracts from The Wire’s Future Shock

William Bennett lecture on record collecting

FACT mix 283

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