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Merzbow – Lop Lop (Rustblade, 2011)

Merzbow could well be the reason that the 66.6 series exists. He has released vast continents of music, in a variety of noise styles, across 3 decades. It is indecipherable vomit, if you pay it no mind, and don’t bother to figure out where the artist is coming from – its like willfully moving into a dental drill factory. When one subjects one’s self to it willingly, however, there are many interesting psycho/physical effects, and help’s one to hear the cacophany of modern life as beautiful music.

Here’s what i had to say about Lop Lop, upon its release.

“Most people that hear noise for the first time’s first comment is: ‘This Isn’t Music’. It is chaotic, violent, assaultive, and that’s part of the secret. It takes some getting used to. Over the past few months, dipping back into Merzbow’s catalog, and other innovators of the genre, i have been reminded of the eye of the hurricane. This music is not meant to be ignored, it is true, it is not background listening. It screams and demands attention. But late last night, i succumbed to its windstorm, threw on a pair of headphones, and had the blackest of black metal evenings: listening to Merzbow and sewing. Once one has surrendered, there is a peace here. The music rages and surges around you, and produces all manner of interesting mental and physical side effects. Most adventurous music of the past 100 years, from Bebop to Stravinsky, was considered atonal, not music. It produces riots and chaos, but it is reflective of the world that we live in.

Lop Lop does not cater; you must come to this work on its own terms. You must acclimate to its extreme volume and frequencies. You must stop yr busy life, or bring it along for the ride. But embracing noise music, exploring it, learning its intricacies, is like planting a zen garden in yr mind: unshakeable.”

– originally published at Chain DLK. You can read the full review here.

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you can also read an interview with Masami Akita, conducted around the time of this release, over here:




world merzbow day 2012

find it on AMAZON:Lop Lop

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