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Amazing Stories is back!

Amazing+Stories+Vol.+1+No.+8+Cover+by+William+Rembach   Amazing Stories, the world’s first sci-fi magazine, is back in circulation! Started in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback, and continued unabated until 2005, weathering several changes of ownership. Concern over the future of print magazines convinced Wizards of the Coast, who had inherited the company after purchasing TSR, to let the magazine dwindle and fade into obscurity, and the copyrights were not renewed. This left inquisitive fandom in a lurch: we still need quality Sci-Fi/Horror and Fantasy, and we are in greater need of taste and enthusiasm than ever, with the glittering ocean of information available. It is with an exultant cry we welcome Steve Davidson, and his crack team of bloggers. I’m happy to report that i will be one of them.

I have the amazing opportunity to report on the bestest and brightest (or in this case darkest) of the horror genre, and hopefully move into sf, fantasy, and comics, eventually. This will be the first time i’ve attempted to write about anything other than music, which is timely and appropriate, as i am finally able to see the connecting threads between various forms of culture, and their interconnectedness.

Amazing Stories, and pulp magazines in general, were an early form of Social Networking, allowing like-minded individuals to meet and collaborate. The 2000s found a decade of pessimism and negativity, regarding the role of print magazines and the future of culture, assuming everything was going to melt into a sub-reddit blur. Everything was moving online, and nobody was getting paid. But we still have as much need, probably more need, for community, and thoughtful presentation of quality art. Those that take the time out of their increasingly busy leaves to spin words and images about stuff that moves them. That’s been the central RNA of every art movement, ever.

The re-launching of the website, the focus on the network and community, is being used as a first step towards rekindling the print magazine, as well, calling upon the kickstarter model of community involvement and personal responsibility. All of these themes are very near and dear to our hearts, at Forestpunk, so we’re proud to join the fight! I’ll be spotlighting obscure weird fiction, lost or unknown films, spooky music (of course), and philosophical musings on what it means to be a horror fanatic. This is just another part of the campaign to inject some mystery and magick into our lives. To step off the bright Apollinian grid, and find that messy blurry world where miracles still happen.

Magick IS alive and G_d is afoot!

Here’s what Steve Davidson has to say, re: the relaunch.


Amazing Stories, the world’s first science fiction magazine, is now open to the public.

Social Magazine Website Offers Nearly Sixty Writers and Social Networking For Fans!


Experimenter Publishing Company

Hillsboro, NH

January 19, 2013


AMAZING STORIES are just one click away!TM

The Experimenter Publishing Company is pleased to announce the  reintroduction of the world’s most recognizable science fiction magazine – AMAZING STORIES!

Following the completion of a successful Beta Test begun on January 2nd, 2013, Amazing Stories is now open to the public.  Fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror are invited to join and encouraged to participate in helping to bring back a cherished icon of the field.

For the past several weeks nearly sixty fans, authors, artists, editors and bloggers have been producing articles on your favorite subjects – the literature of SF/F/H, its presentations in media such as television, film, poetry, literature, games, comics and much more.

All contents of Amazing Stories are free to the general public.

Membership is also free – and entitles members to participate in the discussion, share information and engage in many other familiar social networking activities.

Membership also represents a stake in helping Amazing Stories return to publication.  The more members the site acquires, the faster Amazing Stories can become a paying market for short fiction.

Every genre fan now has a chance to help support the creation of a new market for the stories, artwork and articles they all love so much.

To visit the site and obtain your free membership, go to AMAZING STORIES, and don’t forget to invite your friends too!

This reincarnation of Amazing Stories could not have happened without the generous support of Woodall Design LLC and the members of the Amazing Stories Blog Team:


Cenobyte, Karen G. Anderson, Mike Brotherton, Ricky L. Brown,

Michael A. Burstein, Catherine Coker, Johne Cook, Paul Cook, Gary Dalkin,

Jane Frank, Adria K. Fraser,  Jim Freund, Fran Friel, Adam Gaffen,

Chris Garcia, Chris Gerwel, Tommy Hancock, Liz Henderson, Samantha Henry,

M.D. Jackson, Monique Jacob, Geoffrey James, J. Jay Jones, Daniel M. Kimmel,

Peggy Kolm, Justin Landon, Andrew Liptak, Bob Lock, Melissa Lowery,

Barry Malzberg, C. E. Martin, Farrell J. McGovern, Steve Miller, Matt Mitrovich,

Aidan Moher, Kevin Murray, Ken Neth, Astrid Nielsch, D. Nicklin-Dunbar,

James Palmer, John Purcell, James Rogers, Felicity Savage, Diane Severson,

Steve H. Silver, J. Simpson, Douglas Smith, Lesley Smith, Bill Spangler,

Duane Spurlock, Michael J. Sullivan, G. W. Thomas, Erin Underwood,

Stephan Van Velzen, Cynthia Ward, Michael Webb, Keith West, John M. Whalen,

Karlo Yeager, Leah A. Zeldes


For more information about Amazing Stories, please contact the publisher at






4 comments on “Amazing Stories is back!

  1. punkrockbuddha
    January 23, 2013

    This pleases me greatly!

  2. forestpunk
    January 23, 2013

    ps, prb, i’ll have to find the links, but i’ve noticed several places that are publishing SF/Fantasy/Horror stories, thought some of the stuff you were writing recently would go over well. I’ll put up links, when i find ’em!

  3. mrheslop
    January 6, 2014

    The picture you chose for this article is gorgeous. Pure pulp: human endeavour (symbolised by space suits) helpless against vast supernatural landscapes, lurid colours, aggressive title (“BLESSED ARE THE MURDEROUS”)… One has to love such magazines. They’re a beacon of eccentricity and creative genius.

    • forestpunk
      January 6, 2014

      Hey thanks! Funnily enough, i am reading yr piece on Dennis Wheatley right now. So great to find a kindred spirit. It has been a pleasure working with Amazing Stories, and a great learning experience. I’m mostly a horror/dark fantastist, but i feel that all the realms of speculative fiction deal with the imagination, and expanding what is possible. Writing for the website has gotten me digging through the stacks of old pulp magazines, paperback novels, radio shows, TV programs and obscure movies, doing my bit to separate the wheat from the chaff (in my entirely subjective opinion, of course), which is similar to what i am trying to do with the music, as well. Building a citadel of dark imagination, for the good of everybody (and as a learning exercise). I post over there every tues., if you didn’t know, and i hope to be doing more of what yr doing with the cult corner (as well as getting into more of that with Forestpunk, as well). Constantly spreading… Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

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