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Friendly Advice from Alan Bishop



UPDATE: Blurt removed this feature from their website, so clicking that link won’t get you anywhere. You can use the Wayback Machine to read it though. Just click here instead.

Blurt Online’s “Trust Yourself” series is devoted to famous musicians giving advice to young artists. Steve Albini, Brian Wilson, Genesis P-Orridge, and Chuck D were among the featured guests last year. A new installment published last month includes advice from Patti Smith, Bob Mould, and some particularly sharp commentary from Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls and Alvarius B. You can read the whole thing in the link above, but here’s a sampling of what Alan has to say:

Find another way other than music to make money and never depend on music to make you a living. Don’t become dependent upon others. Pull your own fucking weight. Don’t go into debt.

You know little of the way the…

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