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Single Of The Week: Magnus – Act Two


Artist: Magnus

Release Date: 2.20.13

Label: Magnus

genre: Techno, mnml, techhouse

One of the movements of which we are primarily concerned is a burgeoning crop of stripped-down, brutalist Techno; characterized by the works of Regis/Downwards Records, Actress, Andy Stott, Vatican Shadow, Ekoplekz. We will be highlighting some of the rising stars of this current regime.

Magnus is the duo of Tim Xavier and Material Object, releasing on their own Magnus Records imprint. Act Two is only the label’s third release, and they’re already creating quite a ripple. This single, available digitally and on sweet sky blue vinyl, has the original, plus remixes from Truncate and Brendon Mueller.

This is what they have to say about it:

The Magnus Men return with Act Two, the second chapter in what is fast becoming one of techno’s most talked about projects, this time with all star remixes. The title track ‘Act Two’ continues where the Magnus debut ‘Act One’ left off. Raw analog processing meets storming percussion to amp things up whilst preserving that signature funk. First up on remix duties is Truncate who expertly strips things down to an almost atomic level and then brings it back with a thump as only he can. Coming up second is Brendon Moeller who drops a THC infused dubbed out cut with acid bleeps and crack house swing. ?Act Two was mastered and cut by Man Made Mastering Berlin and is available in limited quantities on beautiful blue vinyl. Coming soon to a bass bin near you!

Analog processing, storming percussion, signature funk… quite right! The title track is nearly 9 minutes of steady stately industrial House music, destined to place bodies in locked grooves beneath white hot benzedrine strobes. This is music for rusted warehouses, for dilapidated piers at sunrise. Memories of the future, this is ancient and modern, fur and leather glisten beneath colorful neon. Music for modern primitives.

Act Two is custom built for trance manifestation, it puts you in a place and keeps you there. Pure theta state sublimity, visions will flicker behind slitted eyelids, as the voices of the irrational begin to whisper in newly developed areas of the brain.

It is this rusted repetition that makes this Industrial Techno so intriguing. It’s streamlined, efficient, adding and subtracting layers to hypnotic effect, like a slowly developing robotic organism. Sounds killer on headphones and PAs, so consider this a service to forward thinking DJs. We are providing a service, digging out the best and the brightest of what current producers have to offer.

The two remixes stay true to the original, barely deviating from the BPM of the original, rather filling in the negative spaces with different aesthetic, Truncate’s appealing to the Tech House crowd, harder and faster than the original, plasticine kick drums meeting dub techno echoes. Churning, grinding… it sounds like running away from the ER room, trying to forget all yr worries, trying to live forever. Pure escapist abandon, let the machine rhythms erase you!

Brendon Mueller’s fare is even more eradicating, nanobots swarming in yr blood, releasing endorphins. Killer kung fu techno, bubbles of writhing synths reach for the surface like a technical cephalopod, the life-support bleeps as steady as the horizon. It will boil yr blood, rewire yr nervous system; cybernetic living.

One of the unifying factors of the music featured at Forestpunk is its trance-inducing, visionary quality, which is a trait that reaches across genre and era. We report it wherever we find it. Listening to repetitive, hypnotic music can have serious side effects, in yr life: it can erase worries, slowing down yr mental rhythms, yr heart rate, allowing inspiration to reach in and blossom like a dark lotus, deep in yr subconscious. It allows magick to take place, real magick, and that is what we are primarily investigating.

The recent upsurge in industrial techno best illustrates a point that we’ve been hinting at, since the inception of this blog; ritual magick and nature worship for non-Hippies. Now, we’ve got nothing against hippies (spent a great deal of time in their parking lots and forest preserves) but some of us are a little darker and edgier than our ’60s-loving brethren. We are interested in the present, and the future.

We have decided to stay in society, spreading our subversive wares amongst the invisible tribes that don’t have a name. Let’s call them The Tribes Of The Moon; prophetic scientists, cynical poets, visionary ravers. We are inhabiting, and investigating, this modern culture, and looking at how the Old Ways are infiltrating the scene. Logic and rationality have failed us, it’s leading to the garbage heap of history. The Industrial Revolution is mutating, and we are striving to be at the forefront of emerging thoughts and trends. This lo-fi, hypnotic dance music is catching on, taking over. We are all searching for the ghost in the machine, looking for the soul, trying to reach the stars.

DJs and Techheads, take heed. Magnus are here, ready to explode. Act Two will turn the dancefloor into a sea of writhing android anacondas, and they will thank you for it!

Digital: beatport

vinyl: or


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