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Alberich – Psychology Of Love

333Artist: Alberich

Title: Psychology Of Love

Original Release Date: 7.11

Label: Hospital Productions

Listen If You Like: Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Prurient, Actress, Emptyset, Pete Swanson, Regis, Surgeon, spelunking, seances

I’ve recently discovered a whole grip of new artists and musical styles that have left me feeling like i am 17 again, that has renewed the initial passion for discovery and creation.

I first heard Alberich on Boomkat’s 14 tracks compilation, Trouble At Mill,(you’ll hear more about that later), nestled alongside Prostitutes and Miles from Demdike Stare, all things good and rusty, essentially. Alberich, one of a handful of projects by Kris Lapke from Hospital Productions, makes the gritty power noise version of the muscular industrial techno that is rising from the collective unconscious at the moment. If Godspeed You! Black Emperor were the sound of humanity’s last lament, a funerary rite for civilization, then Alberich and his android ilk are the sound of mutants thrashing in a ruined cement factory. It’s what it would sound like if Karl Connors were to set up and do a live-PA in a grim, gritty warehouse, and this is the lo-fi cassette bootleg of the proceedings.

Psychology Of Love starts off dirty, ruined, tortured, and stays that way. With the first track titled ‘Thus, I Curse Love’ opening a pit of throbbing sub-bass, pulsing beats, and whining oscillators, it seems as if the individual has given up hope, and decided to make a black magick pact, opening the portal to Tartarus, and this album is the document of his trip through the 9 rungs. This is the radioactive, blackened shadow to Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s Love Is A Stream, which focused on the ego annihilating powers of being in love, painted in rich, colorful guitar drones. Alberich’s pallet is entirely earth tone: mostly black, but with a bit of rust brown and spectral gray thrown in for texture. ‘Thus I Curse Love’ gives way to ‘Rumbala’, which was Alberich’s first release for Hospital Productions, gathered here. I would dare to call this the single from the album, but it’s all of a piece really, but ‘Rumbala’ is a great synopsis of what Lapke is all about: churning, chugging distorted beats with demonic dithered xenoglossia. This is trance-dancing for the rest of us, worshiping Kali rather than Shiva.

These grinding, pummeling beats sum up about what great about listening to Alberich, and industrial techno in general. It’s like being chewed up by some dilapidated cosmic machinery, like being reconfigured in a LeMarchand Device; it’s post-human, transcending the emotions, exploring the body. In spirit, it is a descendant of Swans and Throbbing Gristle, with the same BDSM concerns, but delivered with a wicked beat that is screaming for dirty warehouse parties. It is a relief, to see dance music being reclaimed from the candy ravers and ecstacy philosophers.

Listening to the Psychology Of Love, late night, waiting for the buses to begin running, has re-awakened me to the visionary powers of noise music, how it is essentially lo-fi industrial psychedelic music, that also addresses the body. It shuts down the frontal cortex, the ‘personality’ through extreme volume and repetition, and creates a sonic ritual that opens a portal, binds you to something vast and ageless. And you can take it with you on the bus! Alberich transforms yr workaday world into a zombie nightmare of sex, miracles, & unimaginable power.

I want to know more! I want to know everything there is to know about this music: when & where it was made, with what equipment and personnel (i think it’s Lapke, solo). I make no bones about the fact that i listen to, and write about music, with the hope of making my own. It’s all research, a DIY doctorate in dirty electronics, and i’ve found some excellent tutors lately. I mark the success of a release by how badly it has me clambering for my laptop, warding off sleep, trying to work a little longer, trying to capture some of the sounds i’ve cataloged and dreamt up during the day. It’s also lead into a new appreciation for harsh noise, classic industrial music, scuzzy black metal, and all things that sound like they were recorded on a dingy cassette you found in a building supply warehouse.

Psychology Of Love sounds like watching a S&M black mass on a closed-circuit television. It makes you feel as if you’ve been bathed in oil, and then rolled around in salt. Yr body is dirty, but yr mind is clear and full of insights. It’s a portable ritual for 3 a.m., for those that worship in ghettos street corners, in subway tunnels and empty, newspaper-ridden city parks.

Listening to Alberich can turn you on to a vast, dark continent of harsh, powerful electronics, that are entirely of the moment. Referencing masterpieces, but still entirely new. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Hospital Productions has been really killing it lately, and i strongly recommend you pick through their back catalog, for further initiation.

mp3s on Amazon: Psychology of Love


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