A Journal Of The Dark Arts

Slow Kitten – Free Drone High

Release Date: 5.13 Label: Static Reason Sounds Like: The Terminator, Sunset, anti-gravity, motherboard, decontamination chamber, Natural Snow Buildings ✙ Slow Kitten is the noisey drone moniker of Angel Ortega, who … Continue reading

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The Volume Settings Folder – Ivan Hoe & Other Tales

Release Date: 11.12 Label: Organic Industries Sounds Like: Sherwood Forest, English Class, Falling Asleep, Daydreaming, drum ‘n bass, Boards Of Canada, Troum One of the subjects of which we are … Continue reading

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People Eaters – Vore EP

Release Date: 1.7.13 Label: Aetheric Records There are two types of intellect out there – the type that fills the air, labelling, typifying codifying. Let’s call it the scientific brain; … Continue reading

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Anacortes Unknown Day II; The Unknown/The Croation Club, 7.20.13

THE HIVE DWELLERS GENDERS O PAON WYRD VISIONS MAGNETIC RECONNECTION (a film by Kyle Armstrong)                          KEY LOSERS                                                                     ASHLEY ERIKKSON (solo lounge set) Due to a series of complications, … Continue reading

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Lake – Circular Doorway (Self Released)

release date: 7.13 fall out of time step into the spectral disco † The American version of hauntology is light years away from the Hammer Horror/Penguin Paperback/Radiophonic Workshop British doppelganger. … Continue reading

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Updates From The Road: Optimo Espacio

Here’s a quick one: We’re on a borrowed internet connection, so we shall be brief. Lady H. and i are in Anacortes, Wa. attending Mount Eerie and O Paon’s Anacortes … Continue reading

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Timothy Blackman – Everyone Needs Something To Hold On To (Home Alone Recordings)

Release Date: October 2011 file under: hyper-intentional minimalist folk rock Recommended if you like: Cello, Violin, Guitars, Flying Nun, Xpressway, Alasdair Galbraith, Summer, Autumn, Falling In Love, Falling Out Of … Continue reading

July 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

Mount Eerie – Seven New Songs (P. W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.)

Original Release Date: 2004 Sounds Like: Ocean Waves, Footsteps Through Fallen Leaves, Falling, Flying, Falling In Love, Leaving, Starting, Staring, Writing. Q: What to do, before enlightenment? A: Chop Wood, … Continue reading

July 16, 2013 · 3 Comments

ADR – Solitary Pursuits (Public Information, 2011)

For Those Interested In: Archive Theory, Library Records, Old Documentaries, Public Information, Gatekeeper, Internet Music 2005 – 2011, Vaporwave Now we’re getting down to it. I’ve been working like a … Continue reading

July 14, 2013 · 1 Comment

Into Interzone: Fred Meyer, Alto!, Million Brazillians @ Ash Street Saloon; 7.10.13

You wake up in a strange place; the outskirts of some strained and cracked Metropolis. The streets are littered with potholes and debris: the sound of hounds baying in the … Continue reading

July 13, 2013 · 2 Comments

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