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Updates From The Road: Optimo Espacio

SunriseHere’s a quick one:

We’re on a borrowed internet connection, so we shall be brief. Lady H. and i are in Anacortes, Wa. attending Mount Eerie and O Paon’s Anacortes Unknown festival. You will hear about that more thoroughly, once we return to the land of hi-fi and power outlets, but for the nonce, we just wanted to alert you, dear readers, that we are out on the road, soaking up sounds and magick to bring it back for all to share. We spent 8 hours in gridlocked traffic through Seattle and Everett, pushing north via ride share and public bus, pushing through Seattle with bulging rucksacks and gaptoothed grins, mocking people’s self importance while repressing various bodily needs.

Suffice it to say, that it has been an eye-opening and enlivening experience. We’re more into the music than ever, and the past couple of weeks have stripped the scales from our eyes. We are experiencing the NW anew, even while experiencing early childhood memories and talking over every molecule this side of the wormhole. This is our first real vacation out of town together, and in a way, it seems like a Forestpunk anniversary. This concept, this creature, was created around 2 years ago, while i was galavanting around Washington and Oregon, seeking inspiration and love. This feels like the first time that i’ve ever had any company on any of these random adventures, trekking down the side of the highway, smoking outside of gas stations, and it is so much fuller and more passionate, without the loneliness and privation. This feeling is further emphasized by seeing so many familiar faces around The Unknown and around town. Ran into several members of Lake and said hello (they’re playing the 8-track Relay in Portland today, if they haven’t already), Calvin Johnson and Stephen Steinbrink. And of course sitting next to Phil Elverum as he fucks with treacherous laptops and video projectors.

The music seems so alive, so accessible here. Maybe its easier to hear it in the quiet.

We’ll fill you in on all of the details upon our return, but for the meantime, let us lull you with this Optimo mix, from 2008, Sleepwalk. Its got tracks from Karen Dalton, Coil, Chris Watson, Chris and Cosey, Duke Ellington and lots more. Wall Of Voodoo’s Ring Of Fire is one of the strangest and coolest things we’ve ever heard. This was playing through tiny, tinny speakers in our tent on Friday night, listening to the waves of Fidalgo Bay washing up on the shore.

From our campsite to your living room, a dose of magick and inspiration transmitted through the Aether. We’ll see you when we get back!

Thanks to Pablo Discobar for the upload:


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