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People Eaters – Vore EP

a0159286913_2-1Release Date: 1.7.13

Label: Aetheric Records

There are two types of intellect out there – the type that fills the air, labelling, typifying codifying. Let’s call it the scientific brain; the Western Mind. Then there’s the FOOL, the inquisitor, the devil’s advocate – those that like to dismantle, rejecting assumptions and dismissive logic. We shall call this tendency deconstruction, a half-assed adoption of Jacques Derrida‘s battle-cry. This is the literary equivalent of self-imposed exile, a cultural dérive, willfully embracing madness, ne deraison.

These binaries can be seen in every type of art, as well as the criticism that comes after said art. The bright, the bold, the obvious will always garner more attention, have more widespread appeal, as it is easily understood and reinforces people’s visions of themselves: ‘i’m this type of person’, ‘i’m into that’. Let’s face it, playing games and moving crowds is a much more surefire way to get rich, famous and laid, than making surreal, subliminal, subjective creations in the halflight. But there is a countermovement that is happening, at the moment. Here’s a weird example, but consider what happened w/ dubstep, which went from being moody, introspective British club music to having the widest mainstream crossover appeal of any electronic music since Disco. This came about due to the addictive sugary rush of the bass drop, with 12 tons of bassweight sending ecstacy riddled hipsters into orgasmic frenzy. It didn’t take long for producers to catch on to the power of this technique, and dubstep became ever more obvious and predictable, with every song interrupted by ferocious wobbles every 12 seconds.


In his book This Is Your Brain On Music, musicologist/neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin talks about the unique equilibrium between relatibility and unpredictability that is required for truly masterful music:

“Music is organized sound, but the organization has to involve some element of the unexpected or it is emotionally flat and robotic. Too much organization may technically still be music, but it would be music that no one wants to listen to.”

Thus, what separates a symphony from a car commercial.

As more and more music is being produced every second, with places like Beatport and Juno Download happy to distribute endless disposable formulaic DJ fodder, those sugary rushes are wearing off. We are becoming jaded, and some feel like there is no hope or future to music, maybe culture in general. This is in spite of the fact that there are brilliant albums coming out, at least once a month and probably every day, if only we find them, and have the proper appreciation.

That’s where the deconstruction comes in, the wanderer’s mindset, the explorers’ neophilia.

The Vore EP by People Eaters, anonymous horrordroners from Fiji, could be the capital of this new dark continent. Vague and indeterminate, you just don’t know what the hell is going on. This came to our attention via the eminently badass Radio Free Midwich, who had this to say:

Minimal elements – an ominous rumble, a voodoo rattle, the splintered reflections from a broken mirror – are slowly rotated to give the listener a chance to appreciate each facet, then dismissed.  There is, dare I say it, a midwichian simplicity to this release: the methods of construction are discretely hidden, the sounds trusted to engage (or not) on their own terms.  I wholeheartedly approve of this discipline and like the results very much.

This is tagged as GHOST DRONE on bandcamp, so we’ll assume that at least part of its methodology is slowing down recordings, then most likely adorning the results with additional production. The clarity and shimmer leads me to believe that this is probably entirely created on a computer, but is satisfyingly mixed and mastered, to avoid it sounding lo-fi or amateur.

VORE is vaporwave’s evil twin, a Caliban forced into desolation, grown wild and wise with the owls and the Lilin. VORE is an oracle, getting high on methane and talking w/ the Will O’ The Wisps. It will transform yr house/flat/carboard box into a silent, dusty temple. It will make you feel infinite.

People Eaters are an exquisite illustration of the OTHER, the internet’s dark shadow. Anonymous noise and drone artists uploading degraded artifacts w/ inconclusive artwork, degenerate devotees of Jandek, Merzbow, Prurient, Wolf Eyes, Consumer Electronics, Lull. They are inhabitants of the Qliptoth, the Twilight Zone. When the light is right, the stars are in the correct alignment, the moon is gibbous, perhaps you can find them. You can follow their fifes.

Judging from some of the tags from People Eater’s various online personas, ghost drone funeral noise horror drone psychedelic ballroom, it is clear that PE endorse all our favorite things, and we are proud to help raise awareness a notch. It seems that the Fijians either run, or are afilliated with, Aetheric Records, who have just put out a killer new album from R. Killer, of which we are currently reviewing. Expect to hear more.

So come get lost. You will be the better for it.





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