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Georges Vert’s ‘An Electric Mind’ gets a proper vinyl re-release from Melodic Records; stream ‘Interrupteur Jones’ below

GVLOGOSMALLWe are huge advocates for anything having to do with Ghost Box Records. It warms our ventricles to see this slab of deepfried italo funk, originally released digitally on Jon Brooks(The Advisory Circle) Cafe Kaput label, get the proper vinyl treatment, courtesy of Melodic Records.




Here’s what the press release has to say about the lead single, Interrepteur Jones.

Intergalactic sleaze. It’s the only words that seem to cling to Georges Vert. When Jabba the Hut was strung-out on Angel Dust and feeding the pole dancers of Tattoine to the rancor what do you think was blasting out  his DX SPACE 500’s?  Lazer beams, chugging house rhythms, sloppy doses of dub electronica,  It’s all here in ‘An Electric Mind’: an album conceived in the brain of the silver surfer and masterminded by a french classical composer, turned boogie extraordinaire, Georges Vert.

We all need a little space disco in our lives. That’s why it’s essential that this gets the wax treatment, as this record is going to be mutating dancefloors in the months to come. Better to find out now, and grab a copy while you still can.

Here’s to the future! Carpe Futura!

An Electric Mind is available for pre-order from Melodic Records. All vinyl comes with a high quality MP3 download. An Electric Mind will be released 9.16.13.


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