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Drolle – It’s Raining In Your Room

a3600635745_2Artist: Drolle

Label: Little League Records

Release Date: 9.13

File Under: mumblecore, mnml, atmospheric, cloudy, dreamy, poetic, dr0ne, naturalist, sound art, furniture music

For fans of: Celer, Machinefabriek, Brian Eno, Chris Watson, Tim Hecker, Stars Of The Lid, Loscil

fragments of a rainy season.

Garrett B. seems obsessed with transmitting moods, details, moments; sending out slivers of sound poetry into the ether. The man works a lot (he’s released 3 eps this month), so he clearly has something to say. One wonders what it is?

It’s Raining In Your Room was released earlier this month, on Little League Records. It’s 5 slight tracks, based in and around field recordings of rain. For those that have been paying attention, we reviewed Haunted last month, so it’s been interesting to watch the artistic progression. The sounds on It’s Raining are way cleaner, clearer and sharper, based on hi-fidelity field recordings, immersing you in dreamy soundscapes. Garrett B. works well in this capacity, combining lulling, mnml synthesis with raw recordings, in the mode of artists like Tim Hecker or Loscil. The sounds on Haunted were way more grainy and lo-fi, sounding like something sourced from a late-night horror flick, so this material sounds way more polished, and would probably appeal to more ears.

This doesn’t seem to be the concern with the drolle. project, however. He seems like he’s sending poetic sound postcards from the wide open skies of Montana. It seems that he is manufacturing art(e)facts, sound transmissions, broadcasting a mood, with what tools he has at his disposal.

1. Restless (summer skies) is built on pooling, rushing sounds, morse code, and a snippet of 2 people talking.

2. Flooding (no peace) also sounds underwater, and sounds like something off of Coil’s Black Light District record, or a Selected Ambient Works II outtake. The organs ripple and sulk on the waves; the surface breaks, takes you under.

3. Gasping (loser) could be Daphne Oram, scoring Mala Morska Vila. DC-260-80A1D4367edited

4. Lazy (stagnant) is a lovely rainy day, with rain streaking down the pane, creating haloes around the neon. It’s not stagnant at all, it’s very creative. The synths stutter and pulse in a soothing, meditative way on this one. Makes you want to watch the drapes flicker.

5. Some Peace (teary eyes) – there is a sense of sadness, of longing and loss. The rain falls on the roof; this is the sound of insomnia, the sound of emotional burnout. Yr thoughts are starting to echo in yr head.

Drolle really sets a beautiful mood with this release, very artfully realized, very immersive. It’s like a New Age thunderstorm CD mixed with dark ambient and mnml techno, which is to say it’s still soothing, but it’s also kind of dark and twisted and noisy, as well. It’s a nice combo, makes for some great mental imagery. Prime stuff for reading, writing, staring out windows, avoiding the rain. Garrett B. seems like he’s starting to master his gear, and coming out with something distinctive and personal to transmit, with the technical acumen to cast the spell.

It’s starting to rain here in the Northwest, here on the first full day of fall, and the sound of dripping water is starting to be a regular accompaniment to the days. It is like there is an open window from Oregon to Montana to wherever the hell you are. Press play, and complete the circle.

For It’s Raining In Your Room, Drolle has also released a very limited number of handmade DVD-Rs, with ambient video to match the ambient sounds. The snippets look beautiful, and there’s not very many, so snatch ’em while he’s still up and coming!

for more of this kind of thing, check out our videodr0ne youtube playlist.


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