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Stream the debut single from Australian indie electro outfit The Karmens

artworks-000059696444-wfqapj-t500x500The Karmens just want to make people dance.

Here’s another submission, this one from the southern hemisphere. In Australia, people are gearing up for the summer, getting ready to roll the windows down, to hit the clubs and summer music festivals.

This light, upbeat club track from this quartet of schoolmates is perfect for pumping around the apartment, getting ready for a night out, getting ready for love. It is the sound of youth: optimistic, energetic and slightly vacuous.

On “Lights”, The Karments craft the kind of trancey, sprightly club beats made popular by Top 40 staples like Black Eyed Peas, Madonna & Lady Gaga. It starts off with an anthemic fuzz synth and a cavernous backbeat, before giving up to a skank guitar and some right decent lyrics, espousing hope in the face of cynicism. I was turned off, at first, as i don’t frequent this type of club-friendly electropop all that often, as i tend to prefer my beats harder and darker. I never dismiss people’s creativity out of hat, however, and this single crossed the equator to reach my living room, so i listened on.

The fretboard pyrotechnics were the first thing to change my mind. These blokes are rooted in tradition, not merely miming momentary trends. The prog-like, crystalline guitar brings to mind The Police‘s Andy Summers‘ clean psychedelia, and you can also hear echoes of Fripp, in the intricate shredding. From there, i began to notice how sweet the pounding, tribal drums sound, and the numerous breakdowns and tempo changes. These guys are actual SONGWRITERS.

The Karmens claim to just want to have a good time, and help others do so. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’d like to hear them tackle some weightier matter, but not every single has to be dour, melancholic post-punk. They get extra points for having an actual positive message, without resorting to cliches. “When the day falls into the night/lose yrself to the light/when the road has no end in sight/lose yrself to the light”. When it seems like there’s so much darkness out there, it’s a good and gentle reminder. There’s plenty of talk of darkness, here at Forestpunk, but we’re all about the light.

A lot of people are looking for new additions to their good times playlist, and “Lights” will fit right in, and knock a lot of yesterday’s tired sounds out of rotation. I eagerly await to hear what this quartet will cobble together next. Their inaugural EP will be out in November, so i guess we’ll find out then.

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