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Hollywood Drunks – Christmas

52770Have Yrself A Soulful Little Christmas

Are you looking for a little something to warm that winter chill? Want to make that last minute shopping and those dour Christmas parties a little funkier? Look no further than this band of L.A. misfits, the Hollywood Drunks.

Here’s a real oddball that ended up in my inbox. Christmas by the Hollywood Drunks takes two handful of yr Holiday favorites and injects them with breezy Afro-Carribean riddims, funktastic lead guitar, and soulful B-3 organ. It’s like The Mormon Tabernacle Choir meeting The Red Hot Chili Peppers, on Long Beach. Hearing this fresh take strips away the years of cynicism, leaving us fresh and innocent, reminding us of when we loved Christmas. The Hollywood Drunks remind us of the joys of traditional music, and help us find the Christmas spirit.

If you were to ask me a week and a half ago if i needed beach funk/hair versions of caroling standards, i would have said, ‘No, probably not’. However i make an effort to listen to everything that comes my way, and i’ve found myself enjoying this one. It’s strange enough to hold the interest; Christmas will appeal to fans of outfield lounge and cocktail LPs and heady beatnik records, as well as people who are just looking for some uptempo grooves for partying, or are simply tired of the heavy religiosity of the season.

There’s some real magick, caught in these grooves. Lloyd Stuart Casson shreds like Joe Perry, where Galen Shostac‘s keys remind us of The Band‘s Garth Hudson, and inject the songs with a dose of gospel soul, to not entirely lose the sacred spirit.

Looking into the band’s back story, i found talk of wrestling with the mentally ill, giant cockroaches, humor,sarcasm, and anger, and i found myself caring about these people, and getting into the music. It’s not the kind of thing you’ll usually find on these pages, and that is a good thing. Forestpunk is a clearing in the woods where everybody can gather. We all lose our shapes in the dark, and we can gather and be ourselves.

Christmas is, quite simply, mental music for Holiday maniacs. It will bring a smile to yr face and warm yr bones and tired muscles.

If you’d like to find out more, you can download 2 free songs:

and then pick up the whole thing here:

i’m making an effort to not be cynical this year, and get in the yuletide spirit. I’ll be bringing you the finest, weirdest Christmas oddities periodically, so stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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