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Have Yrself A Very Wyrd Christmas!










Here’s a quickie for you, just a bunch of weird and good Christmas songs, to get you in the yuletide spirit. It’s just enough to get you through, as i plan on posting a proper “mix” tomorrow, for all yr Christmas party needs. These audio oddities serve to make yr Christmas more surreal and sublime, to help you escape the stress and commercialism, and find the TRVE Christmas spirit. Expect sci-fi. And cool jazz. And John Fahey. And even my very own dessicated version of “We 3 Kings”.

Enjoy! And happy holidays! Hope yr enjoying yrself, warm and dry, by some snuggly hearth.

Also, in case you didn’t know, i’ve been writing about Ghost Stories For Christmas, and other Horror-related Christmas themes, over at Amazing Stories. I’m working on a special post for tomorrow, so stay tuned, if you like that kind of thing!













If that’s enough to get you through the next 24, all the last minute shopping and nerve-wracking preparations for in-laws, check out this exhaustive search tag on WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog, from the glorious 365 Day Project, probably my favorite website.
i also highly recommend this Solstice mix, from Burial Hex, and this rad funky mix, from the Paris DJs.

3 comments on “Have Yrself A Very Wyrd Christmas!

  1. mrheslop
    January 7, 2014

    I wish that I’d discovered this blog before Christmas. It might have made the humdrum and crass TV more bearable!

    • forestpunk
      January 7, 2014

      You’ll know better, for next year! Don’t worry, there’s plenty more holidays where that came from.

      • mrheslop
        January 7, 2014

        I love the “Black ChristMass” song; it’s wonderfully cynical, aggressive and funny.

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