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Street Sects – The Morning After The Night We Raped Death


RIYL: NIN, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Death Grips, Mindless Self Indulgence, Les Legions Noires

Finally, something rough, raw and ragged. When even harsh noise, industrial music, techno, and gangsta rap are becoming smoother and more refined, where do we turn for brutality, aggression. While it seems that even the most confrontational and abrasive music scurries about, snatching up digital power pellets, begging for clicks, there exists a nether-world, a shadowland of raw ID. Tough as barked knuckles, broken bottles, teeth and bones.

The Morning After We Raped Death is an anomaly, in that it is extreme to the extreme, truly uncompromising, antisocial, and unfriendly, while still sounding excellent and having exquisite packaging. The Morning After… is three quick tracks, as sudden and brutal as a drive-by shooting. This new Austin band fuses the template of American Industrial music, NIN and Ministry, with the cybergrind of vintage Skinny Puppy and a blurry messy Black Metal screech.

This EP, part of a five part “serialized album” called Gentrification, tells a story of wanting to live at all costs. It casts the Grim Reaper as a cheap whore, used, abused and discarded in a back alley. The sound and imagery are explicit and offensive, in the extreme, and while we no way endorse the actions described in the liner notes, we DO applaud the survivalist sentiment, and the fact that Street Sects bring us back to a time when grindcore, harsh noise and rap music expressed forbidden material, a safe space for misanthropes and martyrs. Soundtracks for the pit, whether mosh or infernal.

Let’s face it, life has a full range of emotions, at least half of which are negative or unpleasant. While we encourage underground musicians to refine their craft, to not necessarily stay underground for obscurity’s sake, we run a danger of smoothing off all the rough edges, and ending up in a bland, homogenous middle zone, where the forbidden is again off limits, and nobody talks about the hard stuff. I saw a picture earlier today, of a rainbow unicorn advising, “Follow Yr Dreams, If You Have The Social And Economic Privilege To Do So.” That about sums it up. With the wide world being assimilated into the simulacrum, we may forget that a huge portion of the population, maybe even the majority, are living well below the poverty line, suffering from addiction, mental illness, born to shit ass lives with no hope of escape. Many of us smell weird, are missing teeth, are socially awkward, and just don’t quite fit into the pop perception of the world.

Like Street Sects, we extol the Satanic virtues of survival of the fittest, survival at all costs. We believe in living passionately, desperately, daringly. I pray that 2014 will see the return of the real thing and not the facade. Enough with multi-millionaires talking about how tough and thug they are. Some of us don’t even get to eat everyday. This is our theme song, our battlecry.

Rough and tumble. Raw and real. Polished black metal cybergrind, shining like obsidian, pools of dark blood beneath the streetlights. Bonus points for sick ass artwork. These guys are bound to be a real trip live, and aren’t very well known yet, so are probably still playing dark & dingy clubs, on the cheap.

The Morning After We Raped Death is available now, digitally, and will be released on limited edition vinyl on 1.17. Recommended for those that aren’t afraid of ferocity!



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