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Disco Witchcraft: Antoni Maiovvi – Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss


For this edition of Horrorscores, we bring you two blood-splattered grooves that’ll open a portal on any dancefloor.

Hello and welcome to another edition of Horrorscores! Not to pick, or play favorites, but if there were one series on this blog that is closest to my heart, and the clearest example of what i hope this blog will one day become, it is Horrorscores. The intersection of new & old, sample reworking and recreationist history. Atmospheric poetics, turn yr life into a thriller, revel in the adrenaline, the bloodshed of…

antoni maiovvi @magic waves london dec.2010Antoni Maiovvi – Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss

On Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss, the second full-length from Bristol-born, Berlin-dwelling cosmic disco wizard Antoni Maiovvi, (real name Anton Maiof), you’ll be taken on a ride through flaming-trash-can back alleys to foggy dancefloors to the depths beyond the Van Allen belt.

the deets:
‘Shadow of the Blood Stained Kiss’ is the Antoni Maiovvi score to a nonexistent 1983 Italian Sci-fi giallo starring Barbara Cupisti and Ian McCulloch. In the distant future “Europa,” the 2nd moon of Jupiter has been colonized by man. In the midst of this Utopian era a dangerous struggle for power between organised crime and the highest level of government is underway and when Juliet Hardy (Barbara Cupisti), a stunning discotheque singer, becomes witness to a murder the only person who believes her is tough-nosed cyber-journalist, Jason Scott (Ian McCulloch). Together, they unravel more than they bargained for as a sadistic killer runs loose brutally slaying anyone in connection to the crime. Who does this man in black work for and what is the connection between him and an ancient order that have been controlling the known universe since the dawn of time?

I’m a fiend for analog synths, dusty drum machines, anything that sounds as if it were ripped from the Assault On Precinct 13 soundtrack. As soon as i saw that there was a 10-minute cosmic disco floorburner called “Witchcraft”, i was obsessed immediately. I like to think there is a cabal of hooded producers out there, using PAs and subwoofers as witchboards, using dance clubs as portals to other dimensions, or as batteries to work their shadowy charms.

It turns out that Antoni Maiovvi isn’t a real person at all, rather a character constructed by noise musician Anton Maioff, co-founder of Giallo Disco records. Giallo disco? That pretty much explains my soul to a T, if i had one. Antoni Maiovvi started at the end of 2006, as a way for the producer to explore his love of Italo, hi-NRG and horror soundtracks.

The layers of persona, revisionist history, and artificial soundtrack just add levels to what is already bewitching and intriguing music, gives it a context to live in. Draws you in, casts you under its spell. It makes the world a weirder and murkier place, which is a lot of what Horrorscores, and Forestpunk in general, is all about.

The aging on this record is impeccable, frighteningly accurate. The magician never cracks his greasepaint for a second. Built using only vintage rhythm machines and a Yamaha DX21, Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss draws us back to the rudiments of electronic music, kick drums and square waves, to showcase real musicianship. There are songs here, melodies, even if this would mostly fall under the category incidental music, music for a film that does not exist. It becomes a soundtrack to your life, yr life becomes the film. You really get a chance to hear the synthesizer shine on Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss, hear the funky resonance of FM synthesis, that stands somewhere between Galaga and Carl Craig. On top of that, and for me, what really makes this record, is that Maiovvi is a helluva drum programmer, there’s tons of intricacies and variations on the snares, claps and kicks, which sound lovingly sourced from analog and smoothly EQed. It’s the warmth and the smoothness that makes this record so bewitching, never jars you out of yr reverie.

This one got some love and turned some heads from my roommates, which is how i knew i was onto something. Throw this on yr next Giallo mixtape or clubnight. I haven’t been able to stop listening, since i found this a couple of weeks ago; it’s making my world both shinier and more futuristic, and more sinister at the same time.

Those that loved The Duke St Workshop record i wrote about a little bit ago, or Pye Corner Audio, snatch this up!

Maiovvi’s got a shitload of music, under a handful of pseudonyms. I plan on deluging myself in his ichor; you’d be advised to do the same. If anyone out there happens to have any of his My Ambulance Is On Fire material, i can’t find any anywhere, and would love to hear it.

For further information/inspiration, read this excellent interview with The Quietus, from earlier this year.

There are still a few physical copies left, from Seed Records, amazingly enough, so you might want to snatch one of those, for that sick knife graphic design.

Antoni Maiovvi is also crowdfunding his first European tour, in March 2014. He’s offering shirts, mixtapes & mp3 bundles…. some pretty sweet swag. This is truly keeping it real, and from the streets. Show some love.






One comment on “Disco Witchcraft: Antoni Maiovvi – Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss

  1. mrheslop
    January 12, 2014

    The Shadow of the Bloodstained Kiss soundtrack is stupendously, awesomely, cataclysmically great. It evokes everything that’s brilliant about moody, existential 80s sci-fi/horror.

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