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Junksista – Bad Case Of Fabulous

a1790882760_2  When an old-school rocker and an electro bitch write music together, the outcome can only be explosive… and unique!

Bad Case Of Fabulous, the debut album from German duo JUNKSISTA, chronicles every step of a love affair- from first glance to psychotic break-up, all set to a stomping electro beat.

Did you know that we have a thing for sleazy electro club rockers? It’s true. We do. Chalk it up to a repressive Christian upbringing, but sometimes we just like to get down ‘n dirty.





Bad Case Of Fabulous is an unusual conglomerate of 4/4 beats, huge handclaps, trap beats, funk guitars & trancey rave synths. The fact that so many styles can fit under one roof, is what makes this record tick. The production is rich, and sounds fully realized. The nuance, the detail, the mix tells you that Junksista mean it, that they believe in their music. And that belief makes all the difference. I’ll listen to anyone speak their piece, if their sentiment is well-considered.



This is how they describe their own music:

electric mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals, funky guitar riffs and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves.

Junksista are listed as electroclash on their bandcamp page, which is pretty right on, as the pair are definitely updating the hypersexuality of Peaches or Lords Of Acid. Do not, i repeat, do not play this around yr mother or grandmother (i listened to Lords Of Acid around my mom, once. It’s pretty hilarious, in retrospect, but can’t imagine what i was thinking at the time). But on yr own time, Bad Case Of Fabulous is actually pretty effective. It’s bound to get some blood flowing on the dancefloor, or elsewhere.

This is music for hooking up. Music for seduction. And for during.

The singer seems intent on reclaiming the word SLUT, unashamed of being a woman with strong sexual appetites. This seems like a feminine version of Hirsute Pursuit, which is a relief, as it makes it a little less Deliverance-like. She’s also turning the male rapper’s virility on it’s ear. It’s all for the best, if you ask me: let it all out! And if you don’t like it, don’t go to clubs that will play stuff like this.

I’m sure the feminists will take some issue with the overtly (completely?) sexual nature of this record. I am calling for real and true equality; everybody do what you want, and try and have consideration of yr fellow human beings.

This is music for consenting adults. Consenting to dance, to go out, to have fun.

And fuck.

Recommended For Fans Of: Die Antwoord, Peaches, Miss Kittin, Lydia Lunch, Beyonce





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