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Mixtape Of The Week: People Eaters – Confetti Of Flesh

Reclaim The Threat

Confetti Of Flesh is like being skinned alive by the string score for Psycho; it is like an endless Saharan sandstorm scrubbing the eyes from yr skull. It is like footsteps in the night, “wh- who’s there?”, you call over yr shoulder. No one answers, of course.

People Eaters are one of the few acts who consistently unnerve and scare me – and i don’t scare easily. Perhaps it’s because he, along with the rest of the Aetheric Records roster, are harsher than harsh noise, bleaker than black metal, more spectral than drone, without tipping their hand with the gratuitous xeroxed, suicidal cover art and adolescent lyrics those genres tend to favor.

Anybody who spends any amount of time on these pages probably knows that we have a deep, abiding love for every striation of noise music, but we are also aware of its limitations. When you strap in for a Merzbow or Masonna record, you know what yr gonna get. Yr braced for it – you know to expect white hot squalls of static and icepick feedback in yr ears, and when the going gets rough, you grit yr teeth and bear it, ‘cuz you know it’s going to be over soon. You will have weathered the storm, and get the merit badge at the end. This duality of noise music produces the environment that makes possible that unique social phenomena, the “noise bro”, which seems to be on the decline in the last couple of years, but was alive and thriving circa 2009. You know the type: some asshole with a b & w tumblr, full of scarification and suicide gifs, who takes his/her interest in noise music/culture as an excuse to practice rampant misogyny and racism, all in the effort of appearing kvlt.

But the cognitive dissonance comes when you realize that noise music is intended to unnerve and imbalance. It is like a brillo pad, to yr synapses, to break down conditioning, to make you rethink the way you see/hear the world. To codify that which is designed to destroy labels is tricky business, and dangerous, when it leads to self-delusion. No amount of Vomir records or repeat viewings of Begotten is going to make you any more equipped to wrestle a tiger in the long grasses of Bengal, nor any less likely to starve to death in a plane crash in the Andes. There is telling yrself that you are tough, and there is being tough.

BegottenReal strength comes from leaning into yr weak points – into what scares you and makes you uncomfortable. I definitely struggle with this, on the daily. While i may happily while away my hours watching people on the screen ripped apart by demons in every conceivable way, and can hop skip and jump across boulders and slipper logs in rushing rivers, i seem to have an almost mortal terror of applications, paperwork and interviews. The system nearly shuts me down, and i am close to starving because of it. There comes to accept yr nervousness and awkwardness, and do what you have to do.

People Eaters’ Confetti Of Flesh is an aural witches’ cradle, a trek through the pitch black underworld, sans lamp. After what seems an eternity, you begin to see the light, as Bernard Parmegiani‘s De Natura Sonorum and ActressVoodoo Posse Chronic Illusion crest on the horizon, leading you back to consensual reality, like a reverse psychopomp.

A truly harrowing listening experience, recommended for the horrorfiend who thinks they’ve seen/heard it all!


Rien – Vomir
All Beauty Is Our Enemy – Merzbow/Genesis P-Orridge
Partition (side A) – Lutto Lento

People Eaters is a dark drone project from Fiji, and head of Aetheric Records. I advise you to seek out all of his/their work; discover a strange, subjective otherworld. Dissolve yr senses…

People Eaters soundcloud


Aetheric Records Facebook

Aetheric Records SoundCloud

Aetheric Records BandCamp

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