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Mudpusher – Sacrilege single

mudpusherwe continue our war against the light, with this symphonic metal single from Sweden.

Believe it or not, metal is super important to what we do at Forestpunk – part of the core concept, if you will. We love the power, the precision, the fury, the fact that they’re not afraid to delve into the dark side of life, if not necessarily dwelling there.

We’re also all about the equality of the sexes. We worship the grace and beauty, nurturing and emotional intelligence (to name a few qualities) of women, while we equally admire the strength and focus and determination of men. We are seeking a balance in all things, from genders to genres, and are always looking for the point of overlap.



Mudpusher is both yin and yang, both beautiful and ferocious. They play a kind of gothic, symphonic metal, somewhere between A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, and Cradle Of Filth. Singer Kimberly Nordqvist brings the heavenly aura, while singer/guitarist Alexander Nordqvist opens up the pit (of hell). The moments of ethereal beauty are contrasted with extreme grinding brutality, with synchronized rhythmic breakdowns that are perfectly executed. Mudpusher have cited Meshuggah as an influence, which will give those in the know a pretty clear idea of what they’re going for, even if they have a slightly more polished, metalcore approach to what they do.

The recording, the musicianship, and the songwriting are all top notch on this short transmission, if the lyrics may be slightly cringeworthy, at times. Metal is not known for its deep lyrical content, and most of the time you can’t understand it anyway, but still, it’s no excuse. For their next effort, I’d like to see the band find a way to make their lyrics more universal, perhaps by speaking in riddles and symbols. A little more shadow and light, a little less heart on sleeve.

The production values are extremely high on Sacrilege. I could imagine this being played in progressive industrial club nights, the world over, for people in stacked heels and bondage pants to twitch and flail to.

Extremely lovely stuff. If Mudpusher could tone down the emo a bit, they could be truly world class.

Mudpusher FB

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