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Wishing You A Very Eerie Holiday: Christmas On The Black Meadow Mix by Melmoth The Wanderer

Black Meadow Melmoth

Wishing You A Very Happy Holidays! Do Not Step Into The Mist!

When you really think about it, the roots of Christmas are really very eerie. There’s an ancient, immortal Elf, breaking into houses to deliver presents through claustrophobic chimneys, while punishing the wicked. There’s echoes of primeval Siberian Shamanism, with red-capped Amanita worship and flying reindeer. Then there’s also the birth of an undead enlightened Wizard, with all of the accompanying wisemen, pungent herbs and sacred incense.

Christmas (and Hanukkah and Solstice and any other Holy Day) are particularly sinister on The Black Meadow – a strangely isolated area of the North York Moors.

The Black Meadow psychogeography

Regular visitors may recognize the landscape as that investigated by the eminent folklorist  Prof. R. Mullins, before his uncanny disappearance. Mullins left behind an extensive archive  of field notes and academic research, raving about some kind of sinister mist, and the shapes and sounds contained therein.

In this liminal landscape, the darkest, coldest months of the year take on a particularly otherworldly cast. There’s strange stories of levitating ladies, floating in mist, with entire congregations disappearing, much like Prof. Mullins, bringing to mind the local legend of The Rag & Bone Man.

The Black Meadow Christmas Mix

Beware The Call Of The Rag And Bone Man

To commemorate this spectral region, and its itinerant tales, the elusive, shadowy Melmoth The Wanderer has put together one of his seasonal mixes – a beguiling patchwork of folk music, imaginary soundtracks, accompanied by readings from the brand new tome, Christmas On The Black Meadow.

Black Meadow hauntologyMelmoth’s mix combines dark ambient dread and misty menace with a whiff of off-the-beaten-path heritage museums and used-paperback shops. Nowhere is the scent of mothballs so fully accompanied with the tang of blood, the sounds of fifes and distant cries of terror so intermingled, as in this amorphous landscape, which this mix so eloquently reproduces.

Much of the material comprising Melmoth The Wanderer’s Christmas Mix For The Black Meadow mix is sourced from the magickal Folk Horror Revival group on Facebook, a treasure trove of arcane knowledge and lore.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Yule, or just hiding from the mindless mobs of commercialized Zombies, Melmoth’s Christmas Mix For The Black Meadow is sure to thrill, as well as chill.

Happy Holidays, wizards and witches, ghouls and ghosts!

Read our review of The Soulless Parties’ Tales From The Black Meadow and the accompanying compilation Songs From The Black Meadow.

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One comment on “Wishing You A Very Eerie Holiday: Christmas On The Black Meadow Mix by Melmoth The Wanderer

  1. 1537
    December 23, 2016

    All the best horror happens at the time of misappropriated pagan festivities …

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