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Moon Wiring Club xtras

ImageJust finished writing my review of the new Moon Wiring Club joint, Today’s Bread, Tomorrow’s Secrets. I always love to spread the word on the British hauntologists; they’ve always been my favorite, for some reason. The crumbly sound of ruined vinyl and warped tape: the quotation of the strangest, quaintest vintage store riff-raff that you could never hope to find. I got into Ghost Box first, then with the help of folks like Julian House, Jim Jupp, The Head Technician of Pye Corner Audio, i found a dank, phosphorescent subway tunnel of obscure horror movies, unknown weird fiction authors, great lost techno. They got me into the Radiophonic Workshop, which got me back into sci fi and futurism, and brought some damn hope back into my life. There’s just something about this music…

So i wanted to write a good review for this record. It seems like Ian Hodgson is putting out music at an accelerating rate, and i’ve been thrilled with the results. The lock-kneed, rusted Playstation beats, the smeary dubbed-out proper British samples. Everything seems to be referencing something else; there are reoccurring characters in Moon Wiring Club songs, and the album covers all have that vaguely sinister Art Deco adornment. There’s opening credits for TV shows that may or may not have existed, on the website. Its just a damn wormhole, and it leads on and on. So i’ve been spinning Moon Wiring Club pretty heavily in my earholes, as i go about my errands lately, and letting Mr. Hodgson’s reality perception bleed into mine.

Moon Wiring Club is a nearly picture-perfect example of what i’m getting at w/ the 66.6 series. What i truly want, above and beyond all things, is to be able to appreciate my own life, and it is increasingly necessary for us to do so. As you may or may not have noticed, we do not yet appear to have been sucked down the wormhole, and we’ve all been living on the coattails of history for as long as most of us have been alive. The content of culture continues to accelerate on the daily, as everyone everywhere vies for our attention spans. There is infinite potential in every direction, so at this point, we have an option no culture has ever had. We have all the knowledge at our disposal: what are we trying to do? and how are we going to accomplish it?

With the never-ending grind of the Industrial Revolution, the illusion that more is better and that continual expansion = stability, we are drowning in the disposable artifacts of a technological age. With capitalism, there has been this idea that newer is better, we have discarded a lot in pursuit of speed. Wisdom, Patience, Observation… the ability to be moved by experiences. Writing about music (apart from it being like dancing about architecture) requires one to experience, to pay attention. To stop thinking about one’s self. In some ways, it can incapacitate you. Its like a sonic meditation, sometimes several hours a day. Its the antidote to the gluttonous wash of banal attention whores, all style and no substance. You’ve got to pay attention, you’ve got to care. You can’t just do things for popularity or praise. And in this way, listening to music becomes a religious act. Its like a possession.

Do you remember when you first got into music? First went to a show? Perhaps first moved to the city? That feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, unlimited potential. The feeling that you would go to any lengths to see a particular concert, or maybe play with somebody? It is possible to experience this, to be innocent and refreshed constantly.

My dedication towards this cleansing is the 66.6 series, as i ever more dilligently struggle to learn how to write about music, to play, and to produce. By resurrecting quality. And appreciation. And patience. And wisdom. And intuition. By really drilling down into the ephemeral mist of what makes music amazing, by looking at music i deem worthwhile, at allowing myself to perceive it fully, mind body and spirit, and to be affected by it.

So towards this goal, here’s a bunch of extras, from Mr. Ian Hodgson. The world of Clinkskell is remarkably thorough, as is his knowledge of bizarre, irreal esoterica. It really does get into yr bones, and start to obsess you. Or it did me, anyway…

Blank Workshop (the portal)




01. Dopplereffeckt. Compactification
02. Autechre. Altibzz
03. Mark Pritchard. The Hologram
04. Ivor Slaney. Easy Prey – End Title
05. Shape. Brutalist Realm
06. Andrew Lloyd-webber. Variations
07. El-P. Tuned Mass Damper (instrumental)
08. Koji Kondo & Soyo Oka. Pilot Wings
09. V/VM. Valerian Albanov
10. Gescom. Mag Ae Remix
11. The Advisory Circle. And the Cuckoo Comes
12. MC Duke. I’m Riffin (Smokin’ Beats)
13. Leonard Rossiter & The Rigsbyettes. Rising Damp
14. Coil. Dark River
15. Keith Mansfield. Passport International (a)
16. Goblin. Snip-Snap
17. The Seebach Band. Bubble Sex
18. oOoOO. Burnout Eyess
19. Art of Noise. Opus 4
20. National Trust. Fountains Abbey – Birds In Water Garden
21. Biosphere. The Third Planet
22. (Unknown) KG Intro.
23. The Focus Group. The Other Birds
24. Fox. S-S-S Single Bed
25. Wagon Christ. Rexist
26. Peter O’Toole. Dem Bones
27. Woodbines & Spiders. Old Hands Need a Glove
28. Richard Hartley. Dead Head
29. Giorgio Moroder. Leopard Tree Dream
30. Dead Can Dance. Windfall
31. Moon Wiring Club. Wolves in My House
32. Brian Bennett. The Unknown
33. Tangerine Dream. Katja
34. David Mindel. Russell Harty Theme
35. Robert Swain. S4C Ident #4
36. Florrie. Call 911 (Florrie Remix)
37. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Avon’s Communicator
38. VHS Head. The Stuff
39. Datassette. Can You Smell Maths?
40. Hideyuki Shimono & Akihito Ohkawa. The Art of Destruction
41. Denny Crockett & Ike Egan. Le vieux vaisseau
42. Vangelis. Alpha
43. Jon Brooks. Piano & Tape Miniature no.1

from pontone

“Moon Wiring Club have always been a big favourite over here at Days Are Numbers. Their spell-binding and spectacular collages of sound recall the majestic and ghostly world of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, lost 60s/70s British kid’s TV shows, vintage radio cues, loops and library music, with a bit of Hammer Horror thrown in.

Crafting songs that brim with haunting rhythms and melodies, their music is enchanting and eerie but always captivating. It was only appropriate for us to ask them for a wonderfully delicious ‘Surreal’ mix, and thankfully, they kindly agreed.Taking their cue from a legendary British Institution –  the British Summer, here’s the Moon Wiring Club with a few words, followed by a splendid ‘Surreal Summer’ mix…” – Days Are Numbers

After being told to go outside and not watch Victorian Detectives on a sickly-sunny day, experience the reality of too much sunshine & ice cream.Then recoil from the depths of a Vaudevillian Ploughman’s lunch chutney overload sensation with a diabolic holiday showbiz turn. Back inside, the light has turned black and the telly smells funny. Oh! It must be the…Elementary Ice Cream Sunstroke Mix” – MWC


01. Gerhard Trede – Pictures of Science 10
02. Peter Dennis -Timp Easy
03. Patrice Sciortino – Speleolien
04. Nujabes + Fat Jon – How You Feel
05. LFO – Goodnight Vienna
06. Max Mathews – Bicycle Built for two
07. BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Meglos (Tape Wobble mix)
08. Coil – Broken Aura
09. Harold Faltermeyer – Fletch Theme
10. Yan Tregger – Quella Villa
11. John Carpenter – Targets/Ice Cream Man
12. RZA – Ice Cream (instrumental)
13. The Lyons Maid Revue – Little Bit of Eye Tie Ice Cream
14. Bernard Fevre -Special Spatial
15. The Two Pete’s – Macarthur Park/Popcorn
16. Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Hobgoblins (Coil Remix)
17. K Kleins Field – Incidental Black Cloth
18. Washed Out – Clap Intro
19. Sisters of Mercy – Never Land (a fragment)
20. Position Normal – The Frisky One
21. Serge Bulot – Pluie Lunaire
22. Clannad – Robin (the Hooded Man)
23. Art of Noise – Legs (12″ mix)
24. Soyo Oko – Ghost
25. Yuzo Koshiro – Space Flight
26. Basil Rathbone – I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Elementary Ice Cream Sunstroke Mix – LINK


A Field Full Of Sunken Horses – Free ep!

01. The Moontower
02. Magpie Mine
03. He’ve got Saint Lawrence on the Shoulder
04. Wolves in My House

LINK via The Wire

IAN HODGSON PORTAL @ THE WIRE (i highly recommend the great gatsby game.)

FACT magazine interview (there’s not many of these. cherish them..)

You can read my review of Today’s Bread here


2 comments on “Moon Wiring Club xtras

  1. Wayne Davidson
    March 12, 2014

    There’s also this MWC mix (his best I think) –

    • forestpunk
      March 12, 2014

      Nice! Don’t think i’ve heard this one yet. Seems like Mr. Hodgson is getting more and more love and respect from people, these days, which is quite gratifying. Thanks for the heads up!

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