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Happy Friday The 13th! Here’s Werewolves In Siberia’s Slasher E

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Idaho’s synth necromancers Werewolves In Siberia invoke the dread, with stentorian killer cam synths and stomping beats.

Happy Friday The 13th, witches and warlocks! Friday the 13th, of course, was considered a malefic influence by many, during religious times, but the sabbat would gather and dance.

Let’s get witchy, this unhallowed eve, but don’t go out in the woods tonight!

O, wait, i forgot where we were. We, of course, do want you to go out to the woods tonight. You just never know what’s out there with you.

slasher soundtracks

The latest Werewolves In Siberia EP is both a homage and an update on the classic horror synth sound. There’s the classic phat, growling, snarling, beastly carpenter-esque Prophet pads we all obsess over. Werewolves In Siberia’s beats are far mightier than yr classic ’80s New Wave horror synth soundtracks, which usually tended to favor either dusted cheap drum machines or bad MIDI Genesis drums.

Werewolves In Siberia’s beats are more like Dr. Dre holding a candlelit seance in a graveyard, as can be heard on the excellent, thumping “Running Scared”.

It’s the attention to detail that separates WIS from all the hack Outrun/synthwave producers (not hating, just keep practicing and producing!). Chris Cavoretto, the evil mastermind behind Werewolves In Siberia, has always been good at evincing creeping dread and ominous atmospheres, as can be heard on last year’s fantastically eerie The Dead House.

It’s not hard to see why Fangoria Magazine tagged Werewolves In Siberia to release two albums on their Musick Series. There’s been pretty high praise howled for Werewolves In Siberia over the years, including “It is atmospheric, haunting and just plain stunning,” from UK Horror Scene, or “Alive with dread, intensity and eccentricity,” from Fangoria themselves. I’m here to tell you its all true.

Werewolves In Siberia continue to conjure excellent horror-infused electronic music at a prodigious pace, proving that Cavoretto is indeed a horrorscore maestro to keep an eye on.

Slasher EP is a free DL, so creep away! Just remember to be careful if you go out in the woods tonight.

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