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Horrorscores: Vi-Res Music – Lost Score (Disco Cinematic)

Horror Review

Syndey, Australia’s Vi-Res Music delivers a b-roll of horrorscores with Lost Scores

One of the greatest things about horrorscores are their ability to transform our environments into whatever creeping, crepuscular, eerie ambiance we like. It lets us turn our workspaces into a haunted house, deep space, or some kind of creepy backwoods cabin, depending on what mood we’re in. This goes for both original soundtracks, as well as music inspired by those films, or just invoking some kind of cinematic mood.

horror soundtrack review

That’s the beauty of Lost Scores, from notably, up-and-coming composer Vi-Res Music – they don’t evoke just one mood, instead conjuring a mixtape of chilling ambiance and creeping dread.

It’s like one of those budget sci-fi/horror DVD sampler box sets you’d buy for $10, with 101 old, weird, oftentimes bad movies. Except Vi-Res Music is very, very good!

I know what yr thinking (i installed brainwave monitors while you were sleeping), “Is this freakshow really about to recommend another retrodelic, hauntological, horror synth album?”

horror movie music Yes, I am, and here’s why.

First of all, we never grow tired of any horror-themed music of any kind (except horror punk. If you’re trying to update The Cramps, you better be real good) (R.I.P Lux)



horror soundtrack review

telecommuting from Mrs. Allerdyce’s drawing room.

Otherwise, we’d listen to horrorscores day-in/day-out (and frequently do, obviously). We love horrorscores’ ambiance, making our work days more atmospheric, pretending we’re doing our menial workaday tasks in some crumbling Georgian estate, like we’re tele-commuting from Mrs. Allerdyce‘s sitting room.


If you spend any amount of time listening to this kind of music at all, you’ll know that so much of what makes or breaks a horrorscore is the quality of the ingredients. It’s the difference between a cut-and-paste, run-of-the-mill synthwave record and a classic, whether original or modern.

Consider the sweetly emotive pianos and synth strings of “Opening Theme”.

Or the deeply dark and brooding bass of “Hitchhiking”, shot through with Claudio Simonetti starshine synths.

Another thing they’ve got going for them is a number of <em>Lost Themes</em> tracks are legitimately disturbing, falling more into noise terrain than any kind of Action/Adventure vibes. You might actually have to get up and turn on the lights, listening to <em>Lost Themes</em>.

There hasn’t been much written about Vi-Res Music, to date. One of the only reviews I was able to find, from the website No More Division, was largely supportive of VRM, but talked about how they wished they were more melodic, which would make it more listenable. While i agree that melodicism is always the quickest ways to get bodies in the door, it suggests to me the reviewer doesn’t really understand this music (and they admit as much themselves), so they don’t really understand the mood/ambiance/atmospheric nature of many/most horrorscores.

There’s tons of non-melodic music that emphasizes mood over musicianship (thinking ambient, harsh noise, on and on). For those of us that love to bask in dark, eerie, horror/sci-fi soundscapes, yr going to freak out over Vi-Res Music, guaranteed!

I first became aware of Vi-Res Music after interacting a bit on Twitter (they’ve got a mind-melting horror vinyl  collection, and i’d recommend following them on Twitter, to get some chills and thrills (and lots of good recommendations in yr feed.)



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