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See Matmos Perform Live With Their Washing Machine At Holocene; 12.7.16

Matmos Live 2016

A lot of cutting edge electronic music is confined to the studio space. From beastly, behemoth modular rigs to full-size synths that weigh as much as a Sherman Tank, and cost about as much. The logistics of traveling with a full-scale electronic rig can be both expensive, as well as putting delicate electronics at risk.

At least that last part’s not a risk, when Matmos will take the stage tomorrow night at Holocene with their very own washing machine!

Matmos have been slinging their distinctive brand of musique concrete IDM for a couple of decades, transforming all manner of ready made sounds and objects to their twisted will. From the body horror of California Rhinoplasty, where they repurposed the sounds of plastic surgery to stomach-churning but oddly funky effect, to the civil war re-enactment of The Civil War, where they reconfigured and modified a slew of traditional civil war songs and instruments to become a whirring new automata. Matmos have always connected the head and the heart, the cerebral and the danceable.

On their newest album, Ultimate Care II, (which I reviewed for NY’S Vaga Magazine over here), Matmos turn their stethoscopes and sequencers to an over-sized, industrial-quality home washing machine. The behemoth is chopped, screwed, ripped apart, re-sequenced, re-sampled, to satisfyingly dance-able material, which is still edgy, uncompromising, avant-garde, and noisy as we’ve come to expect from Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniels.

Matmos don’t tour all that often, and certainly not with such an extensive set-up, so make sure not to miss this rare opportunity to see them live tomorrow night, 12.7.16, at Holocene!

You can see some clips of Matmos’ Ultimate Care II live from BBC3’s Late Junction here:

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